Spring Cleanup

Details about our spring cleanup:

  • We can provide all the services you need to get your lawn cleaned up after the winter and looking great for the seasons ahead.
  • To start with, we blow out all gardens onto the lawn area, ensuring any winter debris is removed from among your plants.
  • Next, we rake the lawn using plastic rakes. Using plastic rakes instead of metal rakes avoids tearing up the ground and dislodging grass roots. Raking raises the grass, which is flattened and matted after the winter, and removes the thatch of winter debris and dead grass from the lawn so it can begin to grow.
  • We schedule our Spring cleanups to begin as soon as the snow has melted and the ground has dried enough to walk on and rake without damaging the lawn. Generally this falls in early-mid April.


  • Under 4500 sq ft lot – $122.50
  • 4500-6500 sq ft lot – $180.25
  • 6500-8000 sq ft lot – $225.75
  • 8000-10,000 sq ft lot – $290.50

This price includes yard waste bags and all applicable taxes.

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