Eavestrough Cleaning

Details about our Eavestrough Cleaning:

  • All too often eavestroughs pass without being noticed. As long as they do their job, we don’t think to check eaves or clean them until they start bending, leaking, or spilling. Our twice-annual Eavestrough Cleaning Package will do wonders for the efficiency and longevity of your water-removal system.
  • In the Spring, winter debris or leaves from the previous Fall often pile up in the eavestroughs and downspouts, and with all the rain we get in the Spring, clearing that debris is important to avoid water backing up and overflowing or bending the troughs.
  • In the Fall, leaves from nearby trees often clog eavestroughs and downspouts. This is especially dangerous because melt-off in the Winter and Spring needs somewhere to go. If eaves are clogged, the water builds up and often freezes again, which puts a lot of weight and strain on the eavestroughs. This can bend down whole sections of eavestrough, often making replacement necessary. Excessive ice build-up can even lead to ice dams, with water backing up and running back inside your house to cause water damage.
  • We clean out your eaves both Spring and Fall for one low price.
  • Our Spring eaves cleaning is done in conjunction with our Spring cleanups in late April, and our Fall cleanup coincides with our Fall raking rotation in early-mid November once the majority of the leaves have fallen.


  • 1-storey with assessible pitch – $143.50
  • 2-storey or 1-storey with steep pitch – $190.75

This single package price includes both Spring and Fall visits and all applicable taxes.

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