Lawn Mowing

Details about our Lawn Mowing Service:

  • We use self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers with either 21-inch or 30-inch cut width to give you a clean cut with nice straight lines. No heavy machinery that will tear up your lawn or leave awkward circle patterns.
  • Where many companies use larger lawn mowers that discharge grass out the side, our mowers have bagging capacity so we can bag the clippings if needed to prevent leaving the lawn a mess. We often use this method during the Spring, when the grass is very long and may be damp, in order to give a clean cut. If bagging is necessary we leave the bags of clippings on site for city pickup, but we always aim to schedule the routes in such a way that we mow one day before the city pickup so we can leave your bag curbside.
  • Our mowers are also equipped with mulching blades to mulch the clippings back into the lawn for fertilizer when doing so is possible. We generally use this method during the Summer when the grass is not growing as quickly.
  • Our lawn mowers have a multi-point height adjust system, so we can raise or lower the mower based on how much rain we’ve had and how fast the grass is growing. We cut shorter in the Spring and raise to higher in the Summer.
  • We come to mow your lawn every week. The only exception to this rule is if there are multiple rain days during the same week that put us behind schedule. We do not mow in the rain because it is impossible to provide a quality cut when the grass is soaking wet. Also, if we come and the lawn has not grown or is showing stress due to drought we do not cut, but always leave a notice that we have come by and checked the property.
  • Every time we come to mow, we trim all the edges (ie. along walkways, driveways and curbs) and around all obstacles (ie. trees, gardens, and planters.) This keeps grass from growing long in these areas and encroaching on the driveway, walkways, and gardens.
  • Once we finish mowing each week, we do a thorough job of blowing all grass clippings off your driveway and walkways.

Pricing (May 1-October 31 lawn mowing contract)

  • Under 2000 sq ft of lawn – $749
  • 2000-4000 sq ft of lawn – $992.25
  • 4000-6000sq ft of lawn – $1405.25
  • 6000-8000 sq ft of lawn – $1809.50

This price also includes yard waste bags and all applicable taxes.

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