Hedge Trimming

Details about our hedge trimming services:

  • If you have hedges, shrubs, or low trees you know that regular trimming is necessary both to keep them thick and healthy and to avoid having them encroach on the usable space of your yard. We offer hedge and shrub trimming in the Spring or the Fall to keep your yard looking great year-round.
  • For best results a hedge or shrub should be trimmed at least once a year, either in the Spring or the Fall.
  • Cutting a hedge or shrub back too much can result in bare, dead spots, and not cutting enough can result in the hedge or shrub getting wider and wider each year as well as shading itself out and becoming thin. We have the years of experience necessary to trim your hedges and bushes just right.
  • Trimmer quality is also important for hedge trimming. A blade that is too dull will chew at the foliage instead of cutting it smoothly and leaving a sharp-looking cut. We have the high-quality equipment to do a high-quality job.
  • As with all our services, we always do a thorough clean-up of all yard waste. We rake up all hedge clippings and either bag them in yard waste bags ready for disposal or in some cases leave the clippings at the curbside for a cedar recycling company to pick up.

We generally do our Spring hedge trimming in June and our Fall visit in September-October.


  • Trimming quotes are based on the height, width, and length of your hedge and shrubs, and whether we are trimming both sides and the top or only your side and the top.
  • We also take into consideration ease of access, presence of overhead wires or other obstacles, and whether you would like a dramatic height reduction.

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