Full-Service Gardening

There are few places more peaceful than a well-kept garden.

Whether you’re a young family in a new home looking for an attractive, low-maintenance garden design,

or seniors who have spent years developing and beautifying your gardens but now need some help to maintain them,

we are here to help.

Garden Care Package

Our Garden Care Package includes a visit once a month from May through October to edge, weed, and cultivate all your gardens. It also includes cut-back and disposal of all perennial plants and removal of dead annuals at the end of the growing season.


  • Small (1 hr per month on average) – $448
  • Regular (2 hrs per month on average) – $896
  • Large (3 hrs per month on average) – $1345.75
  • Oversize (4 hrs per month on average) – $1793.75

Garden Mulching Package

Our Garden Mulching Package includes purchase and delivery of a load of cedar mulch in a colour of your choosing, which we then spread on your gardens. We also weed and edge the gardens prior to laying the mulch for best results. Mulch helps prevent weed growth by preventing weed seeds and sunlight reaching your garden’s soil.


  • Small (1 cubic yard of mulch) – $600.25
  • Regular (2 cubic yards of mulch) – $875
  • Large (4 cubic yards of mulch) – $1422.75
  • Oversize (8 cubic yards of mulch) – $2619.75

All package prices include all applicable taxes.

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Garden Design/Makeover/Installation

If you would like to establish a new garden or makeover an existing one, we can design it for you based on our consultation with you, purchase and deliver all the needed supplies and plants, and create the perfect garden space for your enjoyment.


  • Please use the button below to see our landscaping page for more information on our consultation process and fees as well as to book a consultation.
  • We will provide a detailed quote for consideration.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My garden looks gorgeous. “

Nicole G.

“The yard looks great, your team was lovely to work with. “

Beryle G.

Let’s create your peaceful place together.