Urban Vegetable Gardens

Fresh vegetables from your garden to your table!

Interested in joining the urban vegetable gardening movement but not sure how to get started?

Maki’s Inc. is pioneering Fresh Raised, the first raised-bed garden initiative of its kind in Ottawa.

Led by our in-house expert, who holds a PhD in Small-Scale Agriculture, we have taken what could be intimidating undertaking and turned it into a simple, three-step process.

1. Choose Your Planter

  • Planters are handcrafted and built to last by Maki’s.
  • Cedar wood is renowned for rot and pest resistance.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes.
  • Our trained landscapers will site and install your planter on a proper foundation for longevity.
  • We will fill your planter with our proprietary garden soil mix, optimized for vegetable growth.
  • Animal screening and irrigation systems are also available for installation.

2. Pick Your Vegetables

  • Plant your own garden or have us help.
  • Choose which vegetables you will enjoy the most for salads, side dishes, or a summer Bar-BQ!
  • Our experts will optimize the layout of your chosen vegetables, taking into account which relate best with others for optimal results.
  • We purchase the highest-quality seeds and seedlings and plant them at the proper depth and spacing.

3. Maintain and Harvest

  • Maintain and protect your growing produce.
  • Our gardeners will visit bi-weekly to fertilize, prune, and tutor the plants and weed your garden bed.
  • We will monitor and organically treat for pests that can jeopardize your crops.
  • The joy of harvesting is yours!

Ready to have fresh veggies growing right outside your door?